Tuesdays With rachel $1800 SOLD

Tuesdays With rachel $1800 SOLD

HI Jeff
I received the beautiful painting and i completly adore it. Its so much
better than the picture i had seen. The colors, the textures all
complement each other and it's a beautiful piece. Thank you so much.
I will contact you for another purchase!

"Hot Couture"

"Hot Couture"

Being my first original art piece, when I put it up, it was like the room
came alive with feeling and passion, and it brought in each mood you felt
with each layer of paint. It adds such richness, warmth, and texture to the
house, and it reeks of painstaking patience. I'm already saving up for my
next piece!

Thank you very, very much.

Alana Douglas

Remax agent and collector Dave Gowryluk has used my work for a few ad designs. The piece in the middle is from 2004 titled "Sunsplash in Mission"

I just wanted to let you know that we purchased Sundays with Jaimie (at Art Mode) on the weekend
and love it.

It is hanging in our dining room which gets east, west and southern
light depending on the time of day and it is amazing to see how different the
painting looks in each of the different lights.

Just thought you might want to



Hey Jeff,

Andy and I wanted to say thanks again for being so helpful and accommodating with the artwork. We are very happy with the end result. It looks fantastic in our living room and it has made that room feel cozy and complete. Our guests have all had a different interpretation of the "seasons". It will definitely be a great conversation piece. We also appreciate the letter you wrote...it was touching. Anyway we wish you all the best and a successful future.

Best Regards,

Andrea and Andrew Leung


Well, I got home and put her up...and I love it. She didn't have a name so I named
her "Keep Dreaming." Just wanted to say thanks again for being so accomodating. Every time I look at her she makes me
smile.... hope that makes you smile. Keep in touch. Kaeli