Ballast 36"x36" $2500Wait For Me 24x24" SOLDConvocation 36"x36" $1250 SOLDSource Code Dissonance 24"x24" SOLDThe Gloaming SOLD36x8" $375Break Statement 30"x40" SOLDLearning to Swim 36"x36" $1600Harbingers 36"x48" SOLDThe Simulation Hypothesis #1 30"x40" $1200Congressional Oversight 30"x24" SOLDVenus In Transition SOLDMathioli's Legacy 40x30x2.5 SOLDConference of The 7 Valleys SOLDWhen I'm Finally Done You'll Know Why It's Called A CrushOff The Balcony 36x24x2.5 $1400 SOLDDiva De Los Muertos SOLDChorus By Happenstance SOLDStretch SOLDSummer of Fires and Amarone Wings of Grace 24x24x2.5 SOLDSo Much For The AfterGlow SOLDCommission for Tinhorn Creek VineyardsTop Shelf #1 30x40" SOLDA Promise of Fresh Flowers $3200 SOLDAutumn Falls Thick 36x72 SOLD7 Devils In My Head SOLDThe Rule Of Balance 30"x30" $875Conspiracy 24"x30" SOLDYou Were Here 40x30" $2600 SOLDOur Dirty Little Secret $725Kafka's Flight  (SOLD)Rebirth of Venus SOLDGiselle 18x36 SOLDColoursong For a New Home 40x30x2.5 SOLDVenus On The Cusp $2100 SOLDInaugural Valley Vintage SOLDThe Spoils of Success $4000 60x40' SOLDGrappa! $1400 SOLD